What’s the Key to a Home Sale?

Through “turnkey” listings, some West Coast realtors seem to have found the key to a home sale.   “Turnkey” homes are those in which no renovations or repairs are required for moving in and everything inside the house is included in the price.

In 2013, the listings of turnkey homes on the West Coast rose by 20%, although nationwide these same listings dropped from the 2012 level. Turnkey property buyers benefit from a fully furnished home that also includes artwork, kitchenware, silverware, linens and more. In essence, the home contains everything an owner needs to move in with the exception of food.

Turnkey listings are approximately 3% more costly than traditional home sale listings. However, they save prospective buyers time and trouble in furnishing their home. For most turnkey listings, buyers can count on receiving a property that has all the comforts expected of a modern home. Vacation homes are often sold as turnkey, making it easy for buyers to start using their holiday retreat immediately after purchasing.

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