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Doing Home Improvements On “The Cheap”

The national average cost to renovate a kitchen is $27,000.00.  That, along with bathroom remodels, is a major investment.  What if your home improvement budget, prior to listing your home, is limited? There are lots of inexpensive thing you can do to improve the value of your home.  Here are just a few: Paint –

The New HUD “Qualified Mortgage”

HUD is proposing a major change in what constitutes a “Qualified Mortgage (i.e. the QM). These new requirements, according to the definition, will change mortgages to require periodic payments, have terms not to exceed 30 years, be insured or guaranteed by FHA or HUD and will limit upfront fees and points to no more than

Another “Housing Bubble”? – Don’t Bet On It!

Are we or are we not in a housing bubble, and how exactly does this affect Danville and the surrounding areas? Experts can’t seem to agree on that one. According to Housingwire.com, a panel of esteemed housing experts at the ABS East 2013 conference in Miami on October 7th disagreed with Robert Shiller’s recent call

Housing Recovery’s “Hold” A Good Sign For Sellers

Owners who are looking to sell their homes can feel more hopeful than they have in years, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders and First American. A look at 350 metropolitan areas has revealed that the housing markets in over 50 metro areas have returned to or exceeded their position

Danville Hotel “Coming Down” in October

Danville is about to look a bit different in the coming weeks, as plans are moving forward to demolish the Danville Hotel this month. Castle Companies, an area development firm, is moving forward with plans to tear down the Danville Hotel Wild West structures (running from Hartz to Railroad to Prospect Avenues) during the month of

Mortgage Bankers Want End to Government Shutdown

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is quite displeased with the first government shutdown in almost 20 years. While everyone is upset, the MBA implores Congress to end the shutdown because of its potential damaging effects on the nation’s housing market, which has been enjoying an impressive rebound. The most serious possible damage could include the