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The 10 Year Housing Surge: Is It Coming?

The 10 Year Housing Surge

Mortgage Bankers Association predicts a housing market surge. For the last few years, everyone has been thrilled that the housing market is stable and posting healthy growth. We’ve all been very pleased with even gradual increases in sales, knowing each small increase moved us further away from the recent recession. The Mortgage Bankers Association says

Cash Sales, Foreclosure Sales Drop

Cash Sales for Foreclosures Recede

Recent numbers show decrease in cash sales and foreclosures. Even as the real estate market across the nation posts healthy growth, there are a couple of types of transactions that showed dipping numbers in July. Particularly, the number of foreclosure sales and cash sales dropped in the mid-summer. In July, foreclosures made up 6.4 percent

Home Sales Affected by Winter Weather

January saw a slight increase in home sales, but now we’re back down, thanks in large part to the winter weather. After all, who likes to go shopping for their dream home when it’s icy and snowy outside? While the weather obviously affects the real estate market, the fact that there is limited available inventory

First time in 29 months that we see a decline in annual existing home sales

November was the first time in 29 months that we saw a decline in home sales both on a monthly and annual basis. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) calculated a drop to 4.9 million existing homes last month on an annualized basis, from 5.1 million in October 2013 and 5.0 million in November 2012.

Heading In The Wrong Direction: Home Sales Slip For 2nd Straight Month

The National Association of Realtors recently published a report showing that in October 2013, residential home sales slipped for the second straight month. The report revealed that completed transactions of condominiums, co-ops, townhomes and single family dwellings fell 3.2 percent between the months of September and October. Low inventory has been cited as the biggest reason

How can I finance work needed on a fixer-upper?

According to the Millennial Housing Commission, few lenders are willing to administer home improvement loans. Most prefer to make home equity loans or unsecured consumer loans because they are easier to manage. Home improvement loans usually require inspections and irregular draws on the loan amount as work is completed, which requires regional or national lenders



Shadow inventory dropped nearly 15 percent year-over-year in April and is at about a four-month supply—reaching its lowest level in nearly three years, real estate data provider CoreLogic reports. Shadow inventory, as defined by CoreLogic, refers to properties that are seriously delinquent by 90 days or more, in the foreclosure process, and properties that have

Best Tips for Selling in a Softer Market

Although selling in a recovering market can be a challenging task, there are still steps sellers can take to entice buyers to bite. If you’ve already followed the usual protocol for staging and curb appeal, try the following: Get a professional opinion. Knowing what a professional appraiser deems your house to be worth will help