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Tens of thousands of California homeowners are seeing the downside of the recovering real estate market: unexpected jumps in their property tax bills. Many homeowners believe their property taxes are limited to increases of no more than 2 percent annually because of Proposition 13, the landmark voter initiative approved in 1978. But fewer property owners

Is a reverse mortgage good for elderly homeowners?

A reverse mortgage is an increasingly popular option for older Americans to convert home equity into cash. Money can then be used to cover home repairs, everyday living expenses, and medical bills. Instead of making monthly payments to a lender, the lender makes payments to the homeowner, who continues to own the home and hold

How can I finance work needed on a fixer-upper?

According to the Millennial Housing Commission, few lenders are willing to administer home improvement loans. Most prefer to make home equity loans or unsecured consumer loans because they are easier to manage. Home improvement loans usually require inspections and irregular draws on the loan amount as work is completed, which requires regional or national lenders

Survey Reveals Consumer Attitudes Towards Homeownership, Design and Function

Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently released proprietary research and insights into the ideas, inspirations, and strategies driving consumers as they consider the function, style and efficiency of their homes. In a presentation given at the International Builders Show, Jill Waage, editorial director for Home Content for Better Homes and Gardens revealed survey results about

Time It Right: When to Build a Home

To build or not to build … Can anyone answer this question? Whenever someone has a big decision to make they typically turn to family, friends and of course the Internet for answers. Does building a new home qualify in the category of a “big decision?” You bet it does and in the real estate

Distressed Properties 26% OF U.S. Sales – Short Sales Up – REOs Down

About one in four home sales during the first quarter of this year was in some form of foreclosure, according to RealtyTrac. A growing number of those distressed sales were also from short sales, the newly released report shows. Distressed properties—either bank-owned, in default, or scheduled for auction—accounted for 26 percent of all residential sales

A Fresh Assessment

By Keith Loria Let’s say you just purchased a new home that has a large property tax commitment. You may be able to do something about it. In today’s housing market, having the property reassessed is very in vogue. “A tax assessment is an estimate on the value of your property solely for the purpose


When clients must move before their house is sold and they ask their listing to take care of their property in their absence, it’s tempting to say yes. After all, we want to remain on good terms with them and get the future sale. But saying yes to such a request comes with a slew