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The 10 Year Housing Surge: Is It Coming?

The 10 Year Housing Surge

Mortgage Bankers Association predicts a housing market surge. For the last few years, everyone has been thrilled that the housing market is stable and posting healthy growth. We’ve all been very pleased with even gradual increases in sales, knowing each small increase moved us further away from the recent recession. The Mortgage Bankers Association says

Millennials Are Willing To Prioritize Home Buying

Millennials Are Willing To Prioritize Home Buying

Younger Americans Say They Would Put Off Love For A Home A recent Harris Poll asked 2,000 adults questions about their plans for real estate. Of the millennials surveyed—that is, people aged 18 to 34—38 percent said that they either would or have put off a wedding or honeymoon in order to buy a home. Since

Are We Still Pursuing the Same American Dream?

Danville Homeownership

As our society continues to undergo significant change in technology, science, and culture, many individuals wonder if the American Dream of home ownership has changed as a result. Despite the societal changes, many argue that home homeownership is still an important part of the American Dream. Presently, many individuals are starting to return to the