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Land Costs Are On The Rise

Land Costs are on the Rise

The Ever Increasing Cost Of Land In California in 2015, $15,000 is barely a down payment on a small condo. In 1975, though, $15,000 was the average value of residential land parcels in the 48 contiguous states in America! Clearly, land costs have been on the rise. Land values are determined by subtracting the structure

Priority Shift: Renting to Owning

While the woes of our country’s real estate market have been top news in recent years, the economic outlook in our country is brighter today. Thus, the desire for homeownership has increased greatly over the past couple of years, especially for Americans who previously resigned themselves to being long-term renters. The National Association of Realtors recently

3 Home-Renovation Projects for Impact and Investment

If you’re like many homeowners, the start of the new year finds you ready to finally tackle those home-improvement projects that have lingered on your wish list. But where do you begin? First, prioritize those renovations that will have a maximum impact, both in terms of aesthetics and investment values. Also prioritize the projects that