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Millennials Are Willing To Prioritize Home Buying

Millennials Are Willing To Prioritize Home Buying

Younger Americans Say They Would Put Off Love For A Home A recent Harris Poll asked 2,000 adults questions about their plans for real estate. Of the millennials surveyed—that is, people aged 18 to 34—38 percent said that they either would or have put off a wedding or honeymoon in order to buy a home. Since

Mortgage Interest Rates Have Trended Up But Are Not Slowing the Housing Recovery

While mortgage interest rates may be on the rise, they are not likely to impact the housing market negatively. In fact, the housing market is showing great resilience six months after the interest rate increase in May-June 2013, according to the Housing Pulse Tracking Survey. In addition, the Housing Pulse Tracking Survey released this week


There are many indicators of a recovering housing market.  Buyer demand is strong. Mortgage interest rates continue at historic low levels.  Homes, in many local markets, have been experiencing significant increases in their valuation.  Although the inventory of homes for sale remains low, more and more sellers, encouraged by the economic news, are bringing their