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Mortgage Interest Rates Have Trended Up But Are Not Slowing the Housing Recovery

While mortgage interest rates may be on the rise, they are not likely to impact the housing market negatively. In fact, the housing market is showing great resilience six months after the interest rate increase in May-June 2013, according to the Housing Pulse Tracking Survey. In addition, the Housing Pulse Tracking Survey released this week

Housing Recovery’s “Hold” A Good Sign For Sellers

Owners who are looking to sell their homes can feel more hopeful than they have in years, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders and First American. A look at 350 metropolitan areas has revealed that the housing markets in over 50 metro areas have returned to or exceeded their position

Builders Ramp Up Hiring From Rising Demand

Subcontractor - Construction Woman

Growing confidence among home builders about the housing recovery is prompting more of them to go on a hiring frenzy to meet increasing buyer demand. Government data shows that 48,000 construction jobs were added last month, the highest number since March 2007. Across all industries, about 8.8 million total jobs were lost between January 2008

Are First-Time Home Buyers Being Shut Out?

first time home buyers

First-time home buyers are a shrinking pool, making up less of the housing market. Typically, they represent about 40 percent of buyers, but today their numbers have dropped to about 31 percent of buyers, according to housing data by the National Association of REALTORS®. First-time buyers are the only group of buyers whose share of