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Are We Still Pursuing the Same American Dream?

Danville Homeownership

As our society continues to undergo significant change in technology, science, and culture, many individuals wonder if the American Dream of home ownership has changed as a result. Despite the societal changes, many argue that home homeownership is still an important part of the American Dream. Presently, many individuals are starting to return to the

The Impact of the Luxury Real Estate Market

Luxury Real Estate Markets

No matter what the condition of the overall housing market is, it seems that the high-end residential real estate market is always strong. Despite common belief, the strength of the luxury real estate market has a significant impact in the housing recovery as a whole. That segment of the market has great influence and makes

Housing Market Continues Its Recovery

If the current rally in the housing market is any indication of a recovery, then the real estate market is looking up for 2014. Freddie Mac’s U.S. Economic & Housing Market Outlook for the month of November predicts brighter paths on the horizon. The following stats indicate expectations for this housing recovery in 2014. Housing

The Elimination of Fannie and Freddie Will Increase Mortgage Rates

While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are two separate companies, they both act as guarantors of mortgages and purchasers of “conforming” mortgages which eventually are sold to investors. Before they failed in 2008, they were both considered to be extremely safe companies which allowed them to borrow money at extremely low rates. However, once the


Since 2007 “move-up” buyers have been largely absent from the housing market.  These buyers are those who own a home and want to buy a bigger or more expensive home than they presently own.  Before they buy, they typically list and sell their home (which will help increase the low inventory levels we have been

Consumers Still Confident in Housing Recovery

Although the housing market has gone through tremendous changes, the great news is that consumers haven’t given up. Despite budget sequestration, and pessimism about the overall economy, consumers are bullish about the housing market.  In its latest release, Fannie Mae reports that consumer confidence remains firm, even in the midst of economic changes. In fact,


It is a well known saying that “what goes up also comes down”.  For many years that was not a saying which applied to residential home valuations.  Historically, when the economy was soft, and the housing market experienced a “down market”, that which went down was the number of home sale transactions.   However, even as


There are many indicators of a recovering housing market.  Buyer demand is strong. Mortgage interest rates continue at historic low levels.  Homes, in many local markets, have been experiencing significant increases in their valuation.  Although the inventory of homes for sale remains low, more and more sellers, encouraged by the economic news, are bringing their