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How GSE reform could impact the affordable housing dream

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have played a crucial role in helping tens of millions of Americans become homeowners over the past several decades. The two Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) have provided access to low-cost home loans and have been a core part of the government’s efforts to make affordable housing available to all Americans.

Danville Teacher Wins High Honor

Monte Vista High School teacher, Kimberley Gilles, won a prestigious award in February.  The National Education Association Foundation awarded the 27 year teaching veteran with its highest honor – The NEA Member Benefits Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition to the prestigious award Ms. Gilles also was presented with a check for $25,000! Kimberley Gilles

Attention High School Students: Your Essay Could Win $5000!

What high school student isn’t strapped for cash? If your student enjoys writing, then a current essay contest that is going on may be right up his or her alley. The winner of the essay contest will get $5000! Students (grades 9-12) must live within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in order to


After the market collapse in 2007, in some local markets 75%-90% of all transactions were foreclosures or short sales. What a change a few years can make! California’s distressed housing market is a fraction of what it was at the height of the Great Recession. In January 2009, nearly seven of every 10 homes sold

Home Sales Affected by Winter Weather

January saw a slight increase in home sales, but now we’re back down, thanks in large part to the winter weather. After all, who likes to go shopping for their dream home when it’s icy and snowy outside? While the weather obviously affects the real estate market, the fact that there is limited available inventory

Micro Apartments: A Small Trend Gets Bigger

Micro apartments continue to grow in popularity. Once thought of as a minor trend, the small space sector represented by these units seems set to become a permanent real estate option. Micro apartments generally consist of a central unit with a kitchen and perhaps a small balcony. This area is shared by several people, each

When will the housing market return to normalcy?

The recovery of the real estate market began in 2012 and accelerated through most of 2013. Are we “there” yet? According to the popular real estate website, Zillow, the housing market is improving, but not yet back to normal. While some observers believe the housing market recovery is entering its final phase, others disagree, Zillow

Economists Predict Steady Housing Market in 2014

Economists for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and national credit reporting agency, Equifax, recently issued their predictions for the housing market in 2014. Their projections, based on research of the US economy conditions, are relatively straightforward and direct. Their prediction: A steady real estate market will prevail in 2014. Their informed opinions