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When, and Why: Tankless Water Heaters

When, and Why: Tankless Water Heaters

Should you power your water-based machines with one of these long life and energy-efficient units? If your conventional water heating unit is more than 10-years-old, is showing signs of leaks around the base, or operates erratically, it may be time to consider purchasing a replacement. Here is how to find the right water heater that’s

How To: Selling a House With Tenants

How To: Selling a House With Tenants

Your renter may be able to help you show your home to its full potential: here’s how. As the real estate market continues to recover in many part of the country, millions of homeowners will consider getting back into the game after unsuccessful attempts to sell their home just a few years ago. When they

Planning to Sell Your Home? Implement These 4 Tasks

Planning to Sell Your Home? Implement These 4 Tasks

Make your house the talk of the market by taking these 4 steps. Selling your home isn’t a one-step process. It’s a job that takes meticulous planning and hours of preparation. To increase the chances of your home being sold within a short period of time, your home has to hit the market in tip-top

Danville All Wars Memorial Is Source Of Great Pride For Area Residents

The Danville All Wars Memorial, located at Oak Hill Park, was dedicated in 1996 to service members past and present. The All Wars Memorial is a living memorial dedicated to all who sacrificed to assure our freedom· In addition to being a memorial, this is an opportunity for the survivors of war, to recognize and

Danville Residents Hate Mosquitos

You may think of mosquitoes merely as being annoying pests, but these insects can pose a danger to you and your family. In fact, as mosquito season is upon us, it’s a good idea to get the facts about mosquito control. More than 30,000 people have contracted West Nile Virus since 1999, according to a recent

Lessons Which Some Sellers Never Learn

Many sellers may be so overwhelmed by the process of selling their home that they neglect to implement some basic strategies that can help them sell their home more quickly and for more money. There are still a few real estate strategies many sellers haven’t learned. (1)    Time moves forward, not backward – We do

Is It Time To Change The California Property Tax System?

The California property tax system has come under fire recently due to the ways in which it differs from traditional property tax systems. The property tax system in California is not based on the actual appraised value of a property but rather on the purchase price of that property, adjusted by a small yearly inflationary

World Class Soccer Club Rubs Shoulders With Danville Area Youth Soccer Players and Coaches

Almost 100 youth soccer players recently trained with the world-famous Futbol Club Barcelona. These players were attempting to secure a place in the 2014 Barcelona Easter tournament. It was a one week training session and was intended to connect young soccer players and their coaches to the training methods used by Futbol Club Barcelona. This