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Home Inspector Tips: Check These Areas

Home Inspector Tips

Get your home inspector to check these potentially pricey areas. Buying a home is a serious investment, so it makes sense that you want proof it’s in good working order before you buy. To get that proof, the majority of homebuyers hire a home inspector, or a professional who will look through the house and

College Graduates: Tips For Buying a Home

Tips College Graduates Buying a Home

Home Buying Tips For College Grads When you graduate from college, the whole world opens up to you. Equipped with your degree and all of the knowledge you take away from your education, you are ready to embark into the exciting, unknown realm of adulthood. With it comes adult opportunities like the chance to get

Buying A Home Benefits Your Credit

Buying a Home Benefits Your Credit

Need A Credit Boost? Buy A House It has long been known that buying a house is one of the best things you can do for your financial future. Homeownership has been shown to be a critical part of wealth building, and generations of Americans have turned to their homes to build out their financial

Home Buying Is More Feared Than A Root Canal

Home Buying Is More Feared Than A Root Canal

Today’s Buyers Are Experiencing Anxiety What is your greatest fear? The dentist? Public speaking? An interesting insight from a recent national survey conducted by Chase Bank revealed that more buyers are anxious about the process of buying a home than they are about a root canal or public speaking. In fact, 70 percent of home