The Dance Performance Must Go On At The San Ramon Valley High School

The recent annual San Ramon Valley High Winter Dance performance was strangely interrupted when the lights went off.  Parents and friends did not know what to think but soon realized that the power went out. High wind was the culprit for the power outage as around 1,200 other locations in Danville experienced the same power outage.

While officials spent around 40 minutes trying to locate a portable school generator, the audience of 400 people cooperated by using their cell phones to light up the stage which allowed the performance of a tap dance arrangement which required no music and resulted in a standing ovation from the audience

The school principal described it as a “unique moment.”   At first, many participants and audience members thought the lights were purposely turned off to highlight the performance. She and the dance director rescheduled the full show for the next evening, when they hoped power would be restored.

The Zwahlen Team was at the performance along with their daughter Allyson, who is a dance instructor and choreographer at the San Ramon Valley Dance Academy.  The Zwahlen Team is your trusted real estate firm for Danville and surrounding areas. When you want to buy or sell a home in the area, contact the Zwahlen Team for expert help.

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