Priority Shift: Renting to Owning

While the woes of our country’s real estate market have been top news in recent years, the economic outlook in our country is brighter today. Thus, the desire for homeownership has increased greatly over the past couple of years, especially for Americans who previously resigned themselves to being long-term renters.

The National Association of Realtors recently released its 2013 Housing Pulse Survey, an annual study which measures the attitudes of consumers regarding housing concerns. This year’s survey revealed that consumers are, indeed, still concerned about job security and potentially losing a home due to financial challenges; however, those concerns have lessened considerably. Eighty percent of survey responders still believe that home ownership is a wise investment. Also, half of renters who responded to the survey said that homeownership was a top priority–a significant shift from the responses received in 2011.

The fact that home values are stronger today than they were two to three years ago gives homebuyers a much greater sense of hope that their investment will grow and will continue to benefit them long-term.

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