Zero-Down Loans Making a Comeback


Your buyers may soon be able to bring less to closing. They were blamed for precipitating the housing crisis years ago, but major lenders are giving no- and low-down payment loans another shot. Read more: The Big Down Payment Myth Several major lenders are reportedly offering loans with just 1 percent down. Navy Federal, the nation’s

Owners, Appraisers Disagree on Home Values


Homeowners feel like their homes are worth more than what appraisers say they are, and the gap between the two estimated values has grown for the sixth consecutive month, according to Quicken Loans’ National Home Price Perception Index. Read more: Owners, Appraisers Aren’t Seeing Eye-to-Eye Appraised values were, on average, 1.93 percent lower than what homeowners expected, according

Decor that Adds Value to Homes


A home’s price is based on many factors that can’t be changed, such as location, square footage, and age. While these fixed factors may seem like an end-all-be-all, you can present your client’s home in other ways that may add perceived value for buyers. A full overhaul or shiny new kitchen are not the only options —


And The Prices Keep Going Up-New Record Set

National home values have surpassed the peak hit during the housing bubble and are at their highest value in more than a decade, according to the April Zillow® Real Estate Market Reportsi. The median home value in the U.S. is now $198,000, 1 percent higher than peak value hit in 2007. Home values across the country rose 7.3

Which College Degrees Make You a Homeowner Faster?

Engineering college majors can become homeowners in the shortest amount of time compared with those who earned other college degrees, according to a® analysis. Engineering majors become homeowners, on average, in 2.6 years following graduation. Petroleum engineering majors earn a starting salary of $96,700, according to The study estimates that they can, therefore,

Making an Offer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid


In competitive housing markets across the country, making an offer that sticks has become increasingly difficult. Ensure your client doesn’t make the process even tougher by succumbing to one of these common mistakes. Delaying “Time kills deals,” says Andrew Sandholm of BOND New York Properties in New York. “Dragging your feet means you could wind up

Strange Questions From Buyers

shutterstock_305733596® recently asked real estate professionals to share some of the strangest questions a client ever asked them. Here’s what some agents had to say: “Does the car in the driveway come with the house?” Chike Uzoka, a real estate pro with Weichert, REALTORS®, in Newark, N.J., says it’s not uncommon for a buyer to

Household Debt Hits New Record


Household debt is topping its 2008 peak prior to the housing crash. Total household debt has risen to $12.73 trillion in the first quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported Wednesday. However, Americans are handling their debt—mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and other forms of borrowing—much better, the report shows. Americans were delinquent