Find Out Available Information About Foreclosed Homes In Alamo And Danville

Buying a foreclosed home is a great opportunity to have a good property without paying a large sales price for it. A foreclosed home is one in which the previous homebuyer defaulted on the mortgage and the bank foreclosed on the home. The bank places the home back on the real estate market in the hopes that someone else will purchase it and thereby limit the loss the bank had to take for the previous defaulted mortgage.

If you are looking for foreclosed homes in the Contra Costa County area, you may want to check out the cities of Danville and Alamo. These great communities have much to offer a new homeowner as you may find a foreclosed home that fits  your preferences and budget.

In early May, 2013, there were 33 foreclosed homes in Alamo and 113 homes going through foreclosure in Danville. The Danville median foreclosure home prices was about $690,000 in March, which is around $129,000 less than all homes on the market in that area. Foreclosure prices for homes in Alamo are slightly higher, at $1.1 million. The average median price for all homes in the Alamo region is $1.27 million.

In general, foreclosed homes are being purchased at a steady pace in today’s real estate market. If you are looking for a home in either city, you may want to start searching for one now.

For more information about available real estate properties in the Danville and the Alamo areas, please contact the Zwahlen Real Estate Team  (Barry Zwahlen at 925-890-2315 or Brenda Zwahlen at 925-890-9901)