The most recent Senior Loan Officer Survey (SLOS), conducted by the Federal Reserve, indicates that banks are continuing to ease their home mortgage credit conditions.  Eight percent of the surveyed banks indicated an easing in the last three months which ended in April, and although that is not a high percentage, it is also true that conditions have held steady or improved in 8 of the last 9 quarters. Twenty Seven percent of surveyed banks plan to increase their mortgage assets over the next year and they realize they must assume more risk in order to accomplish that.  However, the high risk loan environment is gone forever.  Are you unemployed and hoping to get a loan mortgage? Forget it. It is still true that most lenders are insisting on a healthy credit rating and a 20% down payment.  The fear that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will force lenders to take back risky loans is a significant factor in restraining banks from aggressively easing restraint.  Although the demand for loans continues to grow, banks remain cautious in their own hiring plans and presently remain understaffed to quickly handle the growing demand.  Click here to view the entire article in “Realty Times”,   and don’t forget to contact The Zwahlen Team for your home selling or home buying needs.  We can also refer you to a list of excellent lenders.