Earth Day Event in Danville

While it’s important to take care of the earth every day, on April 20, we make it a point to put in a little extra effort to give our planet the respect and appreciation it deserves. The city of Danville is doing its best to honor the day by scheduling an Annual Earth Day Celebration at the Town Green Community Center and Library. Danville’s Earth Day event includes various environmentally friendly activities, including a scavenger hunt, and is a great way for neighbors to connect and become familiar with one another.

The atmosphere of Danville is very much like a small town with its shops, restaurants, and galleries, and a population around 42,000. At the same time, it is located just 30 miles east of San Francisco – perfect for those times you need just a taste of urban life.

The Zwahlen Team is made up of husband and wife real estate brokers Barry and Brenda Zwahlen who make their own home in the area, and can tell their clients about the gems of the San Ramon Valley. The architecture, the weather, and the people all make the Danville area a great place to live. Come on out and visit with the family for the Earth Day celebration. You’re bound to love what you see, and when you do, contact the Zwahlen Team and start looking for that dream home.