Danville Properties So Popular That A Danville Man Will Commit A Crime To Get Them

Properties in the Danville area are in high demand that people will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to gain titles to the best properties. It isn’t any surprise that people will take unusual methods to get an edge when it comes to bidding on properties.

Of course, it should be done in a legal manner, as one Danville man soon discovered.

In December of 2011, Andrew Katakis, and several other real estate investors rigged bids at home auctions to get certain selected properties and committed mail fraud to gain the titles to these properties from beneficiaries.  Katakis was charged and indicted in federal court.

Now, Katakis is facing new charges on obstruction of justice for destroying subpoenaed records regarding bank account information that is related to the real estate conspiracies. In addition, he hired people to overwrite the deleted documents so that no information can be recovered.

Danville is a highly sought after place and people want to live here. However, some people just cannot play by the rules.

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