Safe And Sound In Danville

We love Danville for many reasons, including the fact that it is an extremely safe community in which to raise your family.  Danville has been named one of the California’s safest cities, according to research conducted and recently published on Safewise, a prominent security industry website. Industry experts at Safewise regularly research security industry trends; they also conduct thorough examinations of popular or emerging home security products, and then publish a review of their findings.

Each year, this cutting-edge website combines its own internal safety reviews with the statistical data obtained from the FBI’s Crime in the US report, to compile their own list, entitled: “The 50 Safest Cities in California.”  The report pointed toward some of the characteristics that attracted Brenda and Barry to Danville in the first place. It has a phenomenal location within the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has an extremely strong sense of community.  Safewise has listed Danville as California’s 9th Safest City.

Barry and Brenda Zwahlen fell in love with this beautiful and friendly community nearly three decades ago. The Zwahlen team has been serving Danville’s real estate needs for almost 30 years. Whether you want to buy a first home in Danville or if you are ready to upgrade or downsize, the Zwahlen Team would welcome the opportunity to help you meet your real estate goals.