Local Real Estate Developer Is A Tri-Valley Hero

The small, unincorporated, planned community of Blackhawk is home to a true American hero. Ken Behring first became a wildly successful businessman, before adopting the role of philanthropist, helping people around the world enjoy better health and education.

After earning his first million dollars by the age of 27 with his auto dealership, he became a noted developer. First, Ken created Tamarac, one of the first retirement communities in Florida. He then turned his attention to the Tri-Valley in 1977, developing Blackhawk. Seeking some diversity, Ken became the majority owner of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks in 1988, selling the team to Paul Allen in 1997.

However, it was the opening of the 21st century in 2000 that fueled his desire to adopt “a life of purpose.” Since then, Ken Behring has become one of the nation’s most effective philanthropists, a true hero to many people around the globe.

His first charitable venture, the Wheelchair Foundation, highlighted the needs of people with physical disabilities. In its first year, this organization delivered around 20,000 wheelchairs to 65 countries. Now 85, Ken still travels the world regularly to dispense health education, educate youngsters and develop future successful leaders.

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