A Bill To Allow Dogs In Outdoor Patios of Restaurants

A Bill To Allow Dogs In Outdoor Patios of Restaurants

A bill has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown allowing dogs on restaurant patios. The bill does not force restaurants to allow dogs onto their patios but simply gives them the option to allow seating for pets under certain conditions that go along with local ordinance and as long as basic health standards are followed.

This law is scheduled to take effect a year from now on January 1st 2015 and has refined a section of the health code that had dogs banned from restaurants. Governor Brown has his own dog named Stutter and is happy to post about him on his twitter account.

There have been some businesses that previously allowed dogs on the premises but it was banned by the state and can be banned again by local jurisdictions. There will no longer be citations for allowing dogs on the patio of businesses.

Assembly member Mariko Yamada sponsored this bill with the idea that it should be legal to take your best friend along with you for your dinner plans. Businesses in California will accommodate man’s best friend with the passing of this bill.

If restaurants do choose to allow dogs there must be a separate entrance for the outdoor area and dogs are still not allowed on chairs or benches. Dogs need to remain on a leash or in a carrier and owners are responsible for any cleanup.

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