Lessons Which Some Sellers Never Learn

Many sellers may be so overwhelmed by the process of selling their home that they neglect to implement some basic strategies that can help them sell their home more quickly and for more money. There are still a few real estate strategies many sellers haven’t learned.

(1)    Time moves forward, not backward – We do not know the future.  If you wait a year to sell, your home and everything in it will be one year older.

(2)    Seller wants do not trump buyer demands – You have to get over the emotional attachment to your home.

(3)    You cannot win by being stubborn – Get yourself a terrific, knowledgeable Realtor (like the Zwahlen Team) and rely on their advice.

(4)    So you think real estate commissions are too high? – That’s because you are not taking advantage of what your realtor provides.  Top quality realtors (that’s the Zwahlen TeamJ)add tremendous value to your transaction and you should take advantage of everything they have to offer. Listen to their advice and you will get top dollar for your home.

(5)    Don’t ignore the obvious – If the seller focuses their attention on the purchase price only, then they are ignoring other aspects of the offer which are extremely important, such as: how soon can you close; how qualified is the buyer; what are the contingencies included in the offer; what is the buyer asking you to do or include as part of the offer; etc.


For more information on this topic go to this link and for more information about selling or buying a home, especially in the Danville area, contact Brenda and Barry at the Zwahlen Team.